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Social Media and Youth Culture
Common Sense Media

Another great site for parents, teachers, and kiddos as we all navigate the issues on social media, movies, television, and basically, the world around us. This is a great first stop for parents with questions about apps, movie reviews, etc. that your children are interested in.

What kids wish their parents knew about social media

Why Social Media is Not Smart for Middle School Kids

Families Managing Media

This is a great website/ organization with an abundance of articles, tips, etc. to help your family navigate the world of social media and the web. Very valuable resource!

Why Social Media is not Smart for Middle School Kids

Maybe you are thinking about letting your tween have a social media account, or maybe they already have several. This article gives some great tips on introducing and managing social media with your middle school child.

It's 10 pm, do you know what apps your children are using?

Great article about some of the new apps our teenagers are using!

The Middle School Brain: What's going on and how to help them succeed?
ACT/SAT Test Prep Tips from a Family With Three Perfect Scores

While you may not be thinking about the ACT or SAT for your child, this article contains some excellent information and tips to help any student become more successful when taking tests.