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Berry, Lisa Principal
Edwards, Anjell Assistant Principal
Lincoln, Niki Assistant Principal

Adamson, Daniel Physical Education
Allen, Tina HTMS-Spanish-Career Prep A
Benton, Doug Seventh Grade
Bettis, Ann Sixth Grade
Bloodworth, Kristin Art
Booker, Charlotte Sixth Grade Math
Bowman, Kaitlin 6th Grade Social Studies
Brockman, Rachel Media Specialist
Brown, Bartley 8th Grade World History
Brown, Rebecca 6th Grade Science
Bruno, Jennifer Theatre
Bufkin, Michael HTMS
Burns, Jada A Team 8th gr Physical Science
Carter, Kay Choir
Clay, Shane 7th/8th Grade Biomedical Academy
Coleman, Dallas HTMS
Copus, Abbie Sixth Grade Science
Crawford, Bethanne GaTE and Yearbook
DeMent, Krista Counselor
Dennis, Mindy Sixth Grade History
Eaves, Ginger Exceptional Education
French, Kate 7th Grade Math
Goins, Ann Exceptional Education
Gray, Laci 6th Grade Science
Griffin, Morgan Physical Education
Hambey, Connie 7th Grade Science
Hayes, Amanda Physical Education
Higginbotham, Rachel 8th Grade Science
Hoffman, Sandy 8th Grade Math
Kyzer, Staci 8th Grade Math
Lewis, Corinth Band
Lewis, Liz Exceptional Education
Lewis, Liz HTMS
Marimberga, Melanie 8th Grade English
Marlow, Tyler Physical Education
McCombs, Shawn Physical Education
McGuyer, Erin 7th Grade Civics and Geography
McIntosh, Mandy 7th Grade English
McIntyre, Amy Counselor
Meads, Jared 8th Grade Science
Michalke, Matthew Pre Engineering Academy
Nardi, Tara 7th Grade Math
O'Brien, Jamie 6th Grade Reading
Oliveira, Brianna Sixth Grade English
Ormond, Robin 8th Grade World History
Peters, Brandon Band Director
Rebman, Margaret Exceptional Education
Rhyne, Loree 8th Grade Math
Roberts, Amanda 8th Grade English
Rosetta, Tina Sixth Grade Math
Shelnutt, Christy 6th Grade Social Studies
Shirley, Kelley HTMS
Slaten, Donnie Physical Education
Snowden, Kristin Exceptional Education
South, Opal 7th Grade English
Stanfield, Morgan 6th Grade English
Stovall, Leigh 7th Grade Civics and Geography
Strickland, William 7th Grade Civics & Geography
Swann-Carter, Kimberly 7th Grade Science
Troncale, Katherine 8th Grade English
Vinson, Miriam 7th Grade English/Language Arts/Reading Interventionist/Ambassador Sponsor
Wallace, Diana 7th Grade Math
Warren, Joshua 8th Grade World History
Williamson, Alicia Sixth Grade English

Cranford, Beth Office Coordinator
Horn, Brandi HTMS
McFarland, Terri Media Center Instructional Aide
Plant, Donnette HTMS
Simmons, Jamelle Office
Zeitvogel, Robin Exceptional Education Aide