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Type I Enrichment  


Yearbook Theme Survey (Click below.)  

Yearbook Theme Survey

What Do You Know?  

What Do You Know?

GaTE Student Survey Whole Group Units  

We'll do this during class soon.  Click HERE.


Yearbook Staff Survey  

Yearbook Survey

Parent Contact List Survey  

 Parent Contact List Survey


If your parent would like to receive text or e-mail reminders, here are the codes for Remind.com:

1st Period (6th grade GaTE)  @d4k8

3rd Period (Yearbook Staff)   @2932g4

4th Period (7th & 8th grade GaTE)   @f37d89b

5th Period (6th grade Problem Solving Rotation)   @ce98ek 

6th Period (7th & 8th grade GaTE)   @9f9g7

7th Period (6th grade GaTE)   @fffhk

Google Classroom Codes  

Here are the Google Classroom codes for students to use as they join.

(Wait! We'll do this in class.  Thanks for being excited about the start of school!) 

1st   qwo8t7

3rd   bo39dzt

4th   66srgyx

5th   qyp9ya

6th   xlpephr

7th   jw76ww