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How Astronauts Live in Space   

Group 1: Food

  • How has the food that astronauts eat changed over the last 50 years?
  • What kinds of foods do astronauts eat in space today?
  • What methods are used to prevent food from spoiling?
  • If you lived in space for a month, what foods do you think you would miss the most? Why?

Web Resources
Top 5 Foods Astronauts Request

Eating in Space

Group 2: Space Suits

  • What are the main parts of a space suit? How do they work?
  • Do astronauts have to wear the space suits all the time? Why or why not?
  • What are some safety measures that are built into space suits?
  • Do you think space suits are comfortable? Why or why not?

Web Resources Space Suit: How it Works

Space Suits

The Space Suit (history)

Group 3: Extraterrestrial Experiments

  • What are some examples of experiments that are conducted on the ISS?
  • What do scientists hope to learn about life in space?
  • How do scientists conduct controlled experiments in space?
  • Name two findings that have emerged from experiments done in space.

Web Resources
Home in the Sky: International Space Station

NASA Watch

Group 4: Sanitation in Space

  • How do astronauts shower and use the bathroom in space?
  • Do they have to wash dishes or laundry?
  • How do they keep their living quarters clean?
  • What special sanitation issues do astronauts face that those of us on Earth don’t worry about?

Web Resources

Group 5: Sleep and Relaxation

  • Do astronauts require more or less sleep than normal when they are in space?
  • How many hours of sleep do astronauts usually get each night?
  • How do astronauts relax in space?
  • Do astronauts sleep in a bed? If they do not, how do they sleep?

Web Resources
Recreation and Sleeping
5.After completing the research and filling out the classroom sheet, have each group present its findings to the class. Students should use their Classroom Activity Sheet to take notes. As a follow-up homework assignment, assign the Take-Home Activity Sheet: A Week in Space. Students should use what they learned from the presentations to complete their essays.

Books about the ISS

The International Space Station
Franklyn Mansfield Branley. HarperCollins, 2000.

The International Space Station
Wolfgang Englehardt. Tessloff Publishers, 1998.

Space Station Science Marianne J. Dyson. Scholastic Inc., 1999.

Web Sites on the ISS
If students need additional resources, they may be interested in visiting the following Web sites:

NASA International Space Station

Our Base in Space

Earth from Space: An Astronauts View of the Planet

NASA Spacelink: An Aeronautics & Space Resource for Education

Lesson Plan on the Space Shuttle

100th Space Shuttle Mission a Success

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Quizlet Link for Reading Roots Test on Friday, Sept. 4th   


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Jeopardy Game Link for Scientific Method Test   


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Secrets to Success for Sixth Grade   

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6th Grade Online Summer Reading Instructions   

6th Grade Summer Reading Tests

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Step 4: Type in your first and last name (as it would appear in iNow), your username should be your first name and last initial. If needed, use a number next to that. Then create a password that you’ll remember.

Step 5: Go to “click here to search a new class.”

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Mrs. Booker-search “HTMS-Booker” then click “exact match” Step 7: Click on the box next to the class name, and then click “register.”

Step 8: Click on the blue “classes” tab at the top of the page.

Step 9: Click on “3 untaken quizzes.”

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**You will have 2 chances to take this quiz. You only have 45 minutes per test before it shuts off, so be careful how you use your time.

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**If you have trouble with a quiz, scroll to the bottom of the “parent letter” document for instructions.