All class notes and handouts can be found in my Google Classroom. Your child can log in using his or her Google Apps for Education (Chromebook) information.

Please email me if you have any questions!

  Google Classroom Join Codes: Remind101 Text Join Codes:

1st Period  English:

otodjj @cruit1

2nd Period  English:

yun8q8 @cruit2

3rd Period  English:

r4ekdek @cruit3

4th Period  Reading:

tode22 @cruit4

6th Period  English:

rqjlpy @cruit6

7th Period  English:

np8bv9w @cruit7

In the event that your student has trouble logging in to Google Classroom at home, try these helpful tips:         

  • Google Classroom can be accessed via computer with the website: https://classroom.google.com/u/0/h
  • Google Classroom can be accessed via mobile devices using the Google Classroom app.
  • Google Classroom can be accessed from any web browser, but it operates best when used through Google Chrome.
  • Google Classroom CANNOT be accessed from a gmail account that is not registered with Trussville City Schools.
    • Please be sure that your student is using his or her Chromebook login when using Google Classroom. If a student cannot access Google Classroom or Google Drive at home, this is typically the problem.
    • Your student’s Chromebook login is:
      • Username: student’s first name + 4 numbers + @trussvillecityschools.ORG (Example: morgan1234@trussvillecityschools.org)
      • Password: student’s first initial + student’s last initial + lunch number (Example: mc1234567)
    • NOTE: Usernames end in .ORG, not .com. This is essential!
  • If your student has tried this and is still unable to access Google Classroom, please be sure to check that another Google account is not being used (personal accounts, etc.).
  • Should your student ever have trouble accessing Google Classroom at home, feel free to email me and I will do the best I can to assist you. Another great suggestion is to ask a friend from class for help. Sometimes, this may be quicker for your child as I am not always able to check email after hours. 

Quizlet Link: Parts of Speech - Definitions  

Click the following link to study definitions on Quizlet for our Parts of Speech quiz this Friday, 9/1: https://quizlet.com/_3mjzq0

Editing and Revising with CUPS + STAR   

Need help editing and revising? Click the link below to view the CUPS & STAR guide.


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